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I've always had a fascination with knives, and I have the scars to prove it.  There have been several times in my younger years where I've attempted to make knives.  Some worked out, some didn't, but the desire to make them has always been there.  I really became serious about it in 2006 and have tried to learn all I could since that time.


If I didn't enjoy it so much, I probably wouldn't make knives, as it's a time-consuming, tedious, and addicting undertaking.  I'm not a full time maker.  I have a full time job that pays the bills and I only get to work on my knife-making in my off time.


I couldn't do it without my better half, though.  She has a great eye for what looks good and what doesn't.  I seek her advice on almost everything I make, and if she doesn't like it, then it probably won't leave the shop unchanged.  Not to mention she makes it possible for me to have the time to get into the shop and work!

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Tobin and Leigh Anne Smith

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